Friday, April 2, 2010

hot off of the machine!

Here are a few fun items that have come from my sweet sewing room.

daisy crazy upcycled skirt.

Little Miss Bow-tique skirt! I love these, because the waist is adjustable!! You will get a couple of years out of these fun skirt!! SAH-WEEEET!

Sugar Skulls Bow-tique Skirt

Busy Bee Bow-tique Skirt.

My favorite!! Vintage strawberry shortcake, upcycled denim!! Funked up, junked up fun fun skirt!!!!
They are all available on my etsy.


  1. Oh, these are so cute! I wish I could sew like that. I've only learned how to hem my pants (since I'm short).

  2. i randomly came across your etsy shop and am thrilled that i did. i want to order some dolls but will have to wait a bit. i want one for my daughter and one for my bff, if she ends up having a girl (she isn't finding out) ugh. and then two other ones for friends daughters but they are still babies(maybe for their frist birthdays,) thanks so much for making such cute dolls, i can't wait to order them